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At Tushita, we believe that the success of a partnership depends on more than just booking hotels and providing transportation services. We imbibe your philosophy and understand your needs in order to come up with the best options adapted to your market and your clientele, and then deliver on them.


The various styles of hotels in India offer numerous possibilities to build an experience around. When chosen wisely with respect to the client’s expectations and personal preferences, they are an important part of a successful journey. They can tell a story, like the Palaces of Rajasthan, some of which are still the home of Royal families. They can immerse you in homely Indian hospitality, like the homestays of Kerala where you will be welcomed by local families. They can, for the time of a journey, give you the feel of being part of this mystical and wonderful world.

We have been working for many years with various types of hotels and have curated a wide selection based on our personal experiences as well as our clients’ feedback. Our contracting teams, spread over our various local offices, are also there to ensure that we provide you with competitive rates.


We work with some of the best transporters in the country to provide you with different options of vehicles to fit any budget. We organize quality control exercises regularly to make sure that each car or bus we propose is in good condition and ready to face the Indian roads which can get bumpy on certain stretches.

Our drivers are picked for their impeccable driving skills as well as their humanity. A travel to India implies spending numerous hours in the car to go from one place to the next. Having professional and personable drivers is crucial for us to ensure clients’ satisfaction.


Our carefully trained escorts are all Government approved and work exclusively for Tushita. They all have a strong knowledge of Indian society and culture with diverse passions and areas of interest such as architecture, literature, arts etc.


Because sharing the love for your country comes from more than just relating its history, we make it a point to choose the right escort for the right client.


Our production team works round the clock to find new ingredients to spice up our clients’ experiences. We create our itineraries with a blend of classic visits and original activities based on each traveler areas of interests.
We also specialize in thematic travel and can adapt to your various requests in that field, however specific they may be.
We have in-house writers to provide you with detailed itineraries along with high quality pictures whenever required.

Mobile phone


Each traveler is provided with a 24-hour assistance number in case of needs or special requests.
In order to facilitate this service and as an added value, we hand over a local phone pre-loaded with 1 hour local calls credits and important numbers (assistance, guide, driver) preregistered.
Our phones also have international roaming and allow clients to call their relatives at a lesser cost.

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