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With more than 30 years of experience, we have developed our presence all over the Indian subcontinent and created strong partnerships with the best local providers to ensure a great immersion and a smooth journey for your clients traveling with us.

Offices across the country
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Our production team is constantly on the lookout for new discoveries your guests could experience in India.
More than the “classic” visits, they enjoy the challenge of creating inspirational tours for every kind of travelers with unique tailor made experiences.

Our long lasting relationships with hoteliers allows you to optimize the value for money aspect.

Our experienced and carefully trained escorts accompany your clients with extensive knowledge of Indian art, culture and society. They are all Government approved trained guides and work exclusively for Tushita.

Our team of very experienced drivers whose high standards of patience and personal service have been honed over the years, contribute a great deal to provide safe and memorable journeys.

Our quality control management ensures the excellence of our services by constantly monitoring the operations.


Tushita’s 30 years of experience gives it the capacity to adapt to the most varied needs your guests may have. We specialize in tailor made individual travel, but we have also catered to large incentive groups, like corporate getaways of Toyota and Lexus management teams. We have also handled unique travel engagements like Louis Vuitton’s advertising campaigns in Ladakh and Kashmir or the launch of Hermes’ perfume in Kerala, “Un jardin après la mousson” with hundreds of journalists from across the globe in attendance.

Un jardin après la mousson

We have developed the reputation of being a fair and ethical company, much respected by everybody in the industry. We have also acknowledged the need of being involved in social responsibility by creating a home of learning and empowerment for the children of Amber called “The Tushita Foundation”.

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We are used to working in total transparency and in an atmosphere of collaboration and support. Our commercial team is happy to share its knowledge with your teams and come to you for training and workshops. We organize familiarization tours for your teams regularly, because we understand that they will be better equipped to sell what they know.


We don’t believe in short term partnerships and we will go out of the way to create satisfaction to you and your clients. Our existing partners have trusted us for decades since we started working together, and continue to do so.

Tushita has the ability to make everyone fall in love with India.


Over the years we have seen so many guests come back again and again to our land of endless possibilities.


But we should not take all the credit though, because:


” There are some places in the world that, once visited, get into your heart and will not go. For me, India is such a place.”

Keith Bellow of National Geographic Society 

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